I am very lucky to have moved around all my life. As I was so often in new places I spent lots of time outdoors exploring and taking advantage of whatever happened to be on the doorstep - mountains, rivers, snow, lakes, beaches….

Traveling before uni I fell in love with Australia and decided that I would move here one day. In 2006 I did and after being in central London for a few years rediscovered being outdoors and all the opportunities for adventure here. 


I've lived in my home town Toowoomba all my life.  I haven't moved far and I actually work where I was born..

I started running when I worked in palliative care as a nurse as a way to escape the stress of watching people leave this world. It was tough then and it's still tough to think about the beautiful people who died on my watch. Running was great therapy. Loud music and the gentle rhythm of the run was soothing to the soul and a great way to process the day. When I changed roles and didn't have the same mental pressures I began to run for me.


I had the great privilege of growing up in the country and am certain this not only grounded me but also gave me a great sense of balance and authenticity – traits that have and will stay with me for life. Other words that might describe me are energetic, optimistic and driven. I like to push the boundaries and realise my full potential, I take every day as a gift and I love to encourage others to do the same.