Our Producer and Editor

The series of races and journey towards the start line will be documented by a talented Australian film crew. This film crew will capture the highs and the lows experienced by participants during each event, including the challenges faced by each woman just to get to the start line. The Trail Beyond film festival will feature our story, along with showcasing a variety of films dedicated to women achieving amazing things. The festival, currently under development, is scheduled for mid 2016, and we will keep you informed via our website and social media.

Meet Cassie

Director / Filmmaker and founder of Natureel

Cassie's career began filming extreme sports events and chasing Dolphins and Killerwhales for the BBC Natural World series six years ago. Working in remote areas and across diverse environments Cassie quickly learned how to be resourceful and what it takes to create great content. Cassie has recieved outstanding recognition for her work and with her knowledge, networks and leadership she created Natureel.
Natureel has since been working on projects around the globe.  




San Franciscan born Michael J. Lutman has filmed documentaries around the globe. Following blazing fiddlers from Scotland to Spain, thrill seeking environmental scientists from Brazil to South Africa, and endurance social cyclists across Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, he has a relentless passion for making soulful and thought provoking films. 

Since 2010, Melbourne has been Michael’s home base where he has produced and directed 3 full-length documentary films, while working as a full-time film editor at the award winning post-production house, The Butchery. 

Last year Michael’s standout work included editing a chapter of the hit feature film adaptation of Tim Winton’s The Turning as well as producing the confronting documentary Baykeepers, focusing on the insidious marine plastic pollution in
Port Phillip Bay, Australia.