salomon lantau trail 70, hong kong

Location: Mui Woo, Hong Kong
Distance: 70km non-stop racing 
Dates: 31st October, 2015

The Salomon Lantau Trail 70 takes place over varied terrain, from rough steep mountainous single track to flat concrete footpaths. It covers the whole 70kms (3300 D+) of the Lantau Trail, starting and finishing
in Mui Woo. 

Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong, almost twice the size of Hong Kong Island. It primarily consists of mountainous terrain with Lantau Peak (934 m) as the highest point of the island. Other mountains Sunset Peak (869 m), Lin Fa Shan (766 m), Nei Lak Shan (751 m) and Yi Tung Shan (747 m).