The 2015 project that has just been launched by the group is 
“The Trail Beyond: 4 Women, 4 Ultra marathons, 4 Months”.

Inspiring 100,000 girls and women to achieve more than they thought possible

What is “The Trail Beyond: 
4 Women, 4 Ultra marathons, 4 Months”?

“The Trail Beyond – 4 Women, 4 Ultra marathons, 4 Months” is an ultra-running expedition in which 4 Australian women will strive to complete the 4 toughest ultramarathons in the Asia-Pacific region in just 4 months.

If successful, this will be a world first. One of these ultra-marathons alone is considered a test of survival for highly-trained, elite athletes. However, these women are not elite. They are everyday women, aged between 30 and 60, who are working to support themselves and their children and deal with the challenges of daily life.

A documentary film crew will capture their life-changing journey from the initial training and juggling of family life and work, through their attempts to complete each gruelling event and recover for the next one, and finally to the celebrations and heartbreak at the
completion of the project.

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How will THE PROJECT inspire other women?

‘The Trail Beyond’ aims to inspire other women by:

  • Attempting to complete this extreme challenge and capturing the journey in a documentary
  • Selecting an inspiring woman from each of the 4 Asia-Pacific countries to tell their story and provide exposure through the “The Trail Beyond” documentary, website, social media, and our film festival.
  • Launching the first women’s adventure film festival, ‘The Trail Beyond’ Film Festival, which will include “The Trail Beyond’ documentary, but also showcase a variety of films dedicated to women achieving amazing things.
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Why do this?

‘The Trail Beyond’ recognises that women can experience significant barriers to reaching
their goals through all stages of life. These can range from juggling work and family life,
being the primary child-carer, lack of self-belief and focus, and limited support or no moral or financial support. However, at ‘The Trail Beyond’ we also have experienced the power that can be harnessed by strategies geared at breaking down these barriers, including hearing other women’s inspiring stories and the provision of moral and financial support from organisations and female mentors.